I`m Menna, i love drawing! when i grow up i want to become a graphic designer, and i`m doing my best to make my dream come true!! i like anime, reading manga, play video games, and write stories... (if u want to know more about my manga, please follow me on twitter >> https://twitter.com/
Joined: 2015/11/20
Gender : Female
DOB : 2002-11-11
From : Iraq

Comics/Manga Titles

The Devilish And The Angelic
139    6+    4
The Revolution
25    4+    2

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The Revolution-WIP
By Monii-Chin
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By Monii-Chin
13   1+
Playing With The Steam
By Monii-Chin
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My Recent Likes

ch.4 الوردة الحمراء
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ch.5 الوردة الحمراء
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ch.1 اهلا لعالم الف ليل
مصباح 1001
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