What is Komikia?

Komikia is a new publishing platform and a new reading entertainment source for all comic/manga related content of any type, it attempts to provide free effective services for reaching creative works for readers while helping artists and authors to gain direct and indirect benefits as they grow.

For Readers:

  • Enjoy hundreds of original Comic, Manga, Toons - FOR FREE!
  • Simple and effective tools that aid you in Browsing your favorite stories.
  • Multi-language support, you will find things you can read.
  • Meet and talk with new people sharing your same interests.
  • Share and express your favorite works through your social websites.
  • And more Exciting Features on the way!

For Artists :

(along previous points)
  • Introduce your works to thousands of viewers, and be recognized globally.
  • Build new fan base whom share and awaits your newest amazing works.
  • Use simple and effective tools to manage and publish your works.
  • Track your works performance with reports and analytic tools.
  • Monetize your works, and gain Revenue easily as you grow. learn more>>
  • Exciting ideas under our sleeves, that will benefit artists in future.
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