Basic Information

  1. What is Komikia?

    Komikia is a new publishing platform and a new reading entertainment source for all comic/manga related content of any type, it attempts to provide free effective services for reaching creative works for readers while helping artists and authors to gain direct and indirect benefits as they grow.
  2. So what komikia can offer for me?

    Artists and Authors can get advantage of current traffic of comic/manga fans gathering together in one place, you can publish your works and gain money and popularity for free!

    Readers can gain access to many amazing works made by web comic authors, that you can Enjoy/Track/Share easily and all for Free!

Joining Komikia

  1. As a web-comic artist/author, why i should use komikia as publishing platform and not other alternatives?

    • in komikia we try to resolve many issues facing comic/manga authors and readers that hinders the medium growth, with all challenges facing the printed media and the incredible growth of smart devices, we aim to leverage through these changes and gather all readers and authors together in one big utopia! Everyone can help each other to grow, any artist fan is a potential fan for another artist, any reader accessing a story is likely to find something else that meets his taste. this kind of ecosystem cannot exist if you were hosting or publishing your work solo, which makes author spend additional efforts to promote his work and to cause readers to get more lost in internet jumping from one website to another.
    • in komikia we do not push a comic/manga over another, Everything handled in the same manner! just like internet nature. we believe that every comic artist, despite their work quality/amount.. has it's own unique charm! we don't push comics for readers while other comics remain under shadow. Some might think by doing this, we clutter alot of non-quality work for readers and that is definitly not true. Our system is automticly pushs forward for readers the most updated content that is currently gaining attention by readers or based on your reading habits, therefore you can always access what could be interesting to read under your eye sight and we will keep improving reader accessibility to what he/she find worthy to read, this is our job.
    • As an Author you can gain income on our revenue model easily, it is very simple and transparent. Our system helps you to understand and calculate how much you could make and how much potential revenue you missed, nothing is hidden from you. Our model should encourage you to plan and improve your self and see your self growing. the fans you have are assets you can hold forever and you do not need to worry about other works competing with you in your income source. to know more about the amount you can get, check the rest of this page.
    • your investment in komikia is a long term investment you might not get the expected income at first but as your fans grow your income will grow as well. the bridge for success can be long and tedious, but in komikia we aim to make this bridge shorter for you while we grow with our artists..There is no such a thing as a "shortcut" in real life.. everything is earned by hard work! If you are seeking a deal to get high payments in short term, komikia might not be your ideal choice. unless you feeling lucky that you will hit the jackpot of our visitors attention in short time? then maybe yes.
  2. What kind of content i can submit? and will you own my content? what you will do with my content?

    For Comics We allow any kind of content that is visual story related that is originaly made by account owner, like manga/comics/strips/etc. Whatever works you made and submited belongs to you, we only use the content you provide to promot your works to gain more traffic, you can at any time unpublish/delete any content, you can come and go as you please. We have actually few things we forbids which are for the sake of maintining good content:

    We do not accept non-story artworks displayed in comic/manga pages unless they are complementary bonus artworks within story, komikia is not artworks gallery website.
    We do not allow Doujinshi or fan works based on stories exists in other Comic/Manga/Animes, but we allow for anything other than that.
    We totaly forbids any story that contains sexual scenes and pornography.
    We totaly forbids Stories that contains homosexual interactions such as hot kissing (like Yaoi or Yuri).
    You can know more details by reading our terms of use .
  3. Is there any conditions or demands i should be aware of?

    We don't have any demands except agreeing on our basic terms of use and privacy policies (links below page), your membership is free and we don't demand anything specific from artists or anyone, you can submit your chapters in any duration you are comfortable with.
  4. Can i create studio/company name account? or own multiple different accounts?

    Yes, You Are allowed to have an account name that represent a group or entity name, it is allowed to own multiple accounts, each must with different email, but if we spotted that you are creating multiple account for the purpose of defaming or stalking other members, there might be risk for getting penalized for that.
  5. I noticed something or an activity i feel not right or harms us or may violates our rights.. what should i do?

    Simply Contact us through links below the page, we will look into your matter as soon as we can.
  6. Are the people behind Komikia are open to new ideas and suggestions?

    Yes! of course! we are very serious about our community needs, if you feel you have something you want us to know, don't hesitate to contact us.

Gaining Revenue

  1. Is it really possible to generate revenue freely? And how?

    Yes!! All you simply have to do is publish your story through, by keeping your work published and visible to guests and members, you can generate revenue by each page view in your work! We call successful page view as “impression”, and there is important difference between page view and impression which generates revenue. impressions counted by successfully displaying every page per comic/manga page, the more impressions, the more revenue you get.
  2. What's the difference between Views and Impressions? how they are counted? Can i abuse this if i split my work into multiple chapters?

    If someone started reading a chapter consists of 2 pages or 20 pages, regardless of number of pages, they all will be counted as “one view”, this way we keep a correct and more logical indicator of the real number of visitors/readers of per chapter, instead effected by number of pages!
    Now impressions are excluded from this rule, impressions are counted by every time someone navigate through each single page of your story. This means if some one read your whole chapter that is consist of 20 pages, then you generate 20 impressions. In other words, every page is counted regardless if they are contained in one chapter or multiple chapters. So we highly suggest to organize on your story as you like and make it more readable, Do not resort to false tips that might by given by others. Note that if our system detected unrealstic fast browsing, impressions will not be counted!
  3. Ok so how much the exact amount of money I will receive?

    We currently offer an amount of $1 rpm (revenue per mile), which means that you recieve one dollar when you reach 1000 valid impressions. what's interesting about our model is that it helps artist to grow revenue horizontally and vertically which lead to good amount for income, so what do we actually mean by this? We mean that as you are getting new readers and while you keep updating your manga/comic regurally with new chapters or pages, interested readers in your work will access your chapters from first to latest chapter, this will cause your amount to cascade and multiply by many times! this is something uniquely about comics nature.
    To make you understand more the potential of publishing in komikia, lets take a real example to illustrate what we mean, shall we?
    lets say you have published 5 chapters and each contains 25 pages, if we imagine somehow your current reader fan base was able to make your works a little more popular and you gained about 2000 readers each week, then the amount of total revenue (if they read through each page) would be each month is 1000$ (5 chapters x 25 pages x 2000 visitors x 4 weeks = 1000000 impressions). this is one small scenario, now imagine if your fans re-read your story, or you gained more new fans, or you have more chapters published. this would accelerate your revenue momentum. your revenue is counted every second, as long as your chapter published and visible.. forever!
    Note that you need to have at least 500 views as a total from all your works in order to unlock your reports page in your account.
  4. Okay, Why you don't add a subscription and make a share from income with artists?

    We are still planning this model, but if we are going to implement subscription model we will only make it if it increase reading joy, we try not to resort to take out many things from Non-subscribers or Guests that hinders their reading. like making them unable to read further in story by limiting number of pages he/she able to see, etc.. in komikia, we put "reading joy" at the top of the list and we don't want it to be broken! We want any visitor to read and enjoy the website to fullest, this way we make reading hobby more appealing, and we can turn casual readers to hardcore readers. This will make web-comic more stronger media content on the web, as a result of all this, it will increase your traffic and amount of revenue. without good traffic everything will be broken and fail!
  5. Am working hard on my story! i want to participate only if i can get good income! what if i didn't make enough income?

    We appretiate your hard work and the effort you put in your work, but for us to be able to give you a good amount of revenue, your story revenue is directly linked to the amount of people visiting your story, we only give what actually your work achieved by numbers! and making your numbers grow is Your Full Responsibility to do. Komikia tries to minimize artists challenges by bringing artists and readers together, but these challenges cannot be eliminated. Your story must prove it self and catch visitors attention.. Some artists might get successful for simple effortless one shot stories, while others fail even when they make hundred of pages! Without successfully getting traffic and fans, a story is doomed to fail and no income afterwards.
  6. When and How I can collect my money balance?

    We currently allow minimum amount of 100$ to gather in your revenue balance before you issue a collect request, your request will start to be processed in the first day of the next month. We currently offer online payment using PayPal (requires paypal account) or offline agent through Western Union and more in future.
    Note that there are some transaction fees with these services and these fees are subtracted from total amount of balance within the request that will be sent.
  7. I have low impressions although I have good number of visitors with many pages within each chapter, what’s wrong?

    There are many reasons for that:
    1- The reader may stopped reading and navigated away from your story before going through all pages due to lack of interest in your work.
    2- The reader may stopped reading , then came back later to continue from where he/she stopped, the system will count the second visit later as a new visit.
    3- The reader was not able to understand your story because the text used is unclear or in a language that reader do not understand.
    4- Too many repetitive visits by same visitor, our system will ignores a visitor if kept visiting same chapter repetitively within short period of time.

    You can fix the first two issues by making your story plot more amusing to read or by providing your story in more different languages.
  8. I have noticed i have alot of un-counted impressions! what’s wrong?

    Our system does not count impressions that are not valid due to odd behaviors from readers, we keep this data visible to you in your impression reports page to help you understand where your impressions go. The reasons for not valid impressions can be because of the following:

    1- Reader browsing too fast because not enough readable content to keep him busy in every page!
    2- Reader browsing too fast because reader may be looking and clicking around!
    3- Slow internet, going off-line or uncomplete page loads.
    4- Reader using ad-block programs.

    You can fix the first issue by making your story more readable, try to force reader looking into every page long enough.
    most of time if reader remained around 4 seconds per page, it should be counted as valid. While the other points is out of your control due to user behavior.
  9. Can I include my own advertisement to promote my own content? Or other company products advertisements in my pages?

    You Are allowed to include any advertisment that is related to account owner only, for example, promoting and suggesting other works or products you own inside or outside komikia that is related to you, but it is Not Allowed to include advertisements about brands or companies that you don't own under your account. Opening a different channel for advertisers through artists harms our business and this will causes us to not be able to sustain and provide the service you currently enjoy for free! if you have been contacted by someone, please tell them to arrange directly to us we will give bonuses if an advertisers aim to sponser any work of your works.

Comic/Manga Format Guidance

  1. Is there a specific Page Format or Design i should be aware of when uploading pages?

    Most of formats should be visible on any screen, but you should design and extend your comic/manga pages more vertically from top to bottom than horizontally.Our pages viewer will minimize and shrink any page if it expands more than the width of reader screen, while the height of pages will not be effected even if they are thousands pixels in height! so if you have comic consist of multiple frames, it is better to put them in vertical order from top to bottom.
  2. I have some pages that is consist of two pages together which is i scanned from my manga, how it will appear?

    You can only upload one image per page, in this case, we expect these two pages will be one long horizontal page and if the total page width of the page is higher than the screen width of the reader, it will be minmized to fits the viewer window. This may cause your image small details and fonts to become smaller and harder to see on small screens, We will include a button to show full screen image in near future.
  3. Is there a specific font style or size that is recommended?

    Try to use easy to read fonts styles, do not use styles that are too fancy as they will be harder to read. Do not use small font sizes, some readers accessing website from handheld or mobile devices, they will not be able to read if fonts are small.
  4. Is there a support for multi-language formats? in what Languages i should post my stuff?

    Definitely yes! you can submit multiple languages of same chapter side-by-side (must share same chapter number), the website will automaticly push forward the preferred languages based on the reader preference, in case there is no languages matches reader preference, the website will show available ones as default.
    As for what languages to use, We get many visitors from around the worlde, we highly suggest in publishing with top used languages, starting with English.
    In future system versions we will offer analytic tools to break down your reader base in more details, including their native languages.
  5. I feel my readers interest in my work is dropping by every chapter.. Do you have any tips that can help me?

    People often will start reading from first chapter then to next one, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that your first, or two chapters gets your reader hooked in your work! No matter what exciting plot you pour or add in your work in later chapters.. it is pointless.. if the reader stopped being interested in your work from first chapters he/she might not read it again.. Ever! So we suggest you work hard on the first chapters, once the reader likes your work, he/she will continue reading. if you already posted some chapters and you feel there is no interest in your work, we suggest a rework or a remake for the first chapters so your new readers do not end up like your old ones.
  6. Am Artist and am interested in learning more about manga/comic creation, where i can learn it?

    There are many art communities that can help you, komikia serve as publishing platform as main focus but we may include in future some lessons and tips.
  7. Am a Story Writer and am looking for away to participate, what i can do?

    We only accept currently comics/manga or any story illustrated in artworks, we do not accept textual stories, to be able to participate you need to find an artist to help you or collaborate with you transform your textual work into visual art work. Some authors/artists participating in our site might be already busy with their works, so we highly suggest looking for good artists whom still drawing as hobby (Higher chance in convince them to help you). You can find artists from around the world in, or if you want only Arab artists, you can check

Contact and Inquiries

  1. How i can contact you for any Questions/Inquiries?

    Do not hesitate to ask anything, you Can use the contact link below, we will send feedback to you as soon as we can.